Fallout Mud newbie guide

First of all new MUD players should know what most common words mean:

MOB = creatures controlled by game

TANK = character in group that takes damage from mobs

IMM = Immortals…people that run it all. Don’t mess with em if u don’t know em.

AC = Armor class (lower= better)

Fallout is mud where u can have max 3 chars online in the same time. It’s easiest way to level and get eq with group of 3. Having more than 3 characters online in same time is illegal!

So what should your group look like? Like most combinations that players use, you should have:

  • Tank
  • Hitter
  • Healer

In this mud like in many other, mobs hit only character that hit them first, or one they attack so you will need only one character that will “tank” and rest of chars will do the damage and heal tank.
Good tanking characters can be: Marines, Biodroids, Monks, Edgerunners, Mercenarys…
When you’re choosing your tank you should have on your mind is how much and what kind of backup does he need.
For example:
-Marine – Good hitter, has alot of HP, can use all kind of weapons, can use all kind of protective gear (isn’t picky about it like some other classes). What is he missing is “sanctuary” or in monk’s version “guiding spirit” spell (spell that cuts dmg received by 50%). So Every Marine has to have Psineticist in his group (only class that can cast Sanctuary on others).
With Psineticist in group, Marine gets good companion. Psi can cast Sanctuary on him, which enables him to live much longer in tough battles, cure his would on few levels (light wounds, serous wounds, big wounds), psi can even cast some protective and blessing spells, create water when needed, even some food. Psi is good all around backup character that can help you on many fields.
What Psi really doesn’t have, is damage. So, if you are planning to kill anything tough and big, you have to get your 3rd and last character.
Let’s see what you have by now. Good tanker/dmg dealer and Healer and backup character that makes tanker even better. At this point many will choose different 3rd character. It really depends on what kind of game you like to play. Somewhere in the middle of all choices is Combat Medic.
He is, as his name says, good all around combat/backup character. He doesn’t have tanking ability or damage of Marine, neater wide range of spell casting abilities of Psineticist, but he can deal some good dmg, and still has a lot of mana and range of spells that can heal up good and give decent backup.
And there you have it. Good team that could go into many of wastelands of Fallout and survive much more that some other teams could.
As i said in the beginning, this was an example. You can mix classes as you like and wish. There are no restrictions in that part.

Now let’s check few useful commands that you will need:

  • help – if your not experienced MUD player, this command will be very HELPful. You can use it to get general help like listings of some commands or to get specific help about specific command (like: help look).
  • autoexit – This command will automatically show you exits out of the room you are in. It will speed up your moving around the world a lot.
  • autoloot – This command will help you by looting everything from the corpse of the target you just killed. It will not loot corpse that someone else killed. Be aware! It is against the rules to loot players corpse (if it’s not your corpse, of course)! Imms punish this kind of actions really harsh. So if your up for some TK-in turn autoloot off. You don’t wanna piss off Imms if you by any chance kill anyone.
    Wont help you with rest of commands. Use “help” as much as possible and you wont have any problems.

Ok. Now you have group and know some commands, u can start playing. Area (zone) where you will start is called junkyard. All mobs in there are really easy. Before start i suggest u turn on autoexit and autoloot mode (with “autoexit” and “autoloot” commands) and wear all eq u can wear, with “wear all” command and wield weapon (switchblade) with “wield (weapon name)” command. When you kill mobs your chars will loot eq and money from they corpses. Equipt your chars with all eq they can wear down there and sell rest in Sanfors’s shop.
If you cant find shop, there is small map of junkyard in Maps section of this page that will help you out. Don’t sell MRE’s because they are food and u will need em (of course there is more food down there so you wont starve).
Most people stay in there until they all chars are level 5. But be careful….after level 2 most classes can’t get back to junkyard when they get out so after u gain level don’t go back to room where guard is (one where you started) or don’t go up to town.
Now when all chars from our squad are level 5 and equipped with equipment from junkyard u are ready to exit junkyard and explore the town (San Francisco). Go to northwest corner or northeast corner of junkyard and than 2w or 2e to get to room from where u can enter to town. Don’t forget u can’t get back down again. If u are ready go up and u will enter to San Francisco Bay. You can drink in SF Bay from pump. Food store is “e4seen” from Bay. There u can buy MRE’s for 1$ / piece. After that type help sfmap and learn your way around the city. If u wanna exit game don’t do it with “quitn” command because u will loose all your eq. If u wanna quit u have to rent your eq. Hotel is es5esu from SF Bay.

You are lvl 5 and out of Junkyard. It’s time for you to find training halls for all your chars and practice skills you need (like cure light, infravision etc.). If you have problem with finding training halls, use: “help map” command which will show you map of the city.

After you train skills you need, you are ready to explore town and surrounding forests. Start with exploring town. There are few nice areas in town where you can gain even more exp and get some better eq.
After u explore town i suggest you go to north forest and kill campers. They have red gas cans that are the best cans for water in game.
Before going out of town buy yourself MRE’s and barrels or any other containers for water so u can stay out longer time. You will have to kill a lot of campers because not every camper has gas can. If u loose yourself in forest don’t panic. Go to north west corner of it and that all u have to do is go south until u hit town walls. Once you hit the town walls, just follow them to nearest town entrance.
Best way not to get lost is to stay on path that leads trough forest. Path goes north of town and than it will turn east. In forest you could kill hunters and even wolfs if u can. Hunters have eq that will help you out with ac and money, because u can sell it for nice money in town and wolfs are good exp for leveling and if you get lucky, you’ll get wolf’s tooth that will help you out with HR (hitroll) which determinants will you hit or miss your target. When u get gas cans for all chars and get few more levels you are ready for tougher mobs and better eq by going further away from town without fear of being thirsty. If you are thirsty or hungry, you regenerate your health ,mana and movement slow.

It would be stupid from me to tell you now go here go there, do this, do that. All i can tell you where are some zones where you can get money, exp and eq. You can go to south part of town and kill Maurice (elevator guy) for rings that are good +HR eq. You can go to north forest where u can kill wolfs for exp. and wolf’s tooths which are +HR eq and hunters for lil exp and eq with better ac that u got in junkyard. You can go east from town to forest and kill Soliders. They pop good ac eq which can be sold for good money. If u follow path in east forest u will get to cave where bandits are. That place is good for fast exp because there are alot of em in there. But be aware. They will attack you. If u wanna good starting weapon go east from town until u hit dry fields. Go few more rooms east and to north u will see farm house. Kill dog and all mobs in there and pop pitchfork from farmer. I think this will be enough for start. I know it would help me a lot in times when i was starting. If u have any more questions u can get help from Mud’s help or mail me with em and i will do my best to answer em. More zones u can get from players and from MUD’s help.

Have alot of fun!


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