Another move to new CMS

| razor |

After long time being with Joomla CMS, i moved site to WordPress. Auto updates, template compatibility….i hope it sticks this time 😀

New site!

| razor |

Yeah…out of the sky here it is. Why? Well i’m testing some stuff and i remembered that there was an old Fallout fan page somewhere on my hosting so i dug it up and as i’m typeing this i’m using it for some new Joomla 3.0 testing. And…who knows…maybe…just maybe someone even see this change 😀

Wellcome to my Fallout Mud web page!

| razor |

I hope it will guide you trough your life in Fallout. On this page you should find stats on eq, logs of fights with some tougher mobs, maps of areas, board where u can write everything u have on your mind and few pictures made by our players. If u have something that could be on this page, or u see error please send mail to: or mudmail characters Razor or PeterPunk and i will do my best to fix it. U can use same mail to send me stats on eq i don’t have, maps, pictures, ideas, questions etc.

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